Digital Time Machine

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Time travel, a concept often explored in science fiction, remains a dream for now due to its conflict with the laws of physics. When moving in space, we do not carry the entire external environment around us - buildings, trees, people... . We get into the car and drive ourselves. In the same way, in time travel, we must find ourselves in the motionless cabin of a time machine and move back in time.

According to the theory of relativity, space-time is indivisible. However, the proposed time machine is fully operational and is capable of isolating a person from the external environment, without causing paradoxes and without violating cause-and-effect relationships at the deepest quantum level.

Thus, we are talking about a digital revolutionary device known as the Gyro_6DoF - the third and final power mechanical gyroscope, the rotor of which completely oscillates at an achievable rate of 10,000 cycles per minute around three axes per cycle in a vacuum and causes all elements of the mass of the rotor to behave in concert. , bringing the order parameter (the known Lorentz factor) closer to 1 without the need to achieve velocities comparable to the speed of light. Inside the Gyro_6DoF rotor in a stationary cabin, record total inertial mass can be manipulated in all six degrees of freedom, which directly affects time in accordance with the postulates of grounded theories of relativity (the formula for total inertial mass and time is the same).

If for inanimate objects, whose age is estimated at billions of years, such manipulations can be imperceptible, then for living organisms a completely feasible solution is being created that can quickly and effectively reverse the aging process.

Operating at the deepest quantum level, the Digital Time Machine (DTM) automatically uses the entangled qubits of the Gyro_6DoF rotor to restore a living organism to a state of youth, effectively reversing physical and psychological aging. After leaving the time machine, people think that they have gone to the future, and their loved ones perceive them as having returned from the past because they see the traveler as young and healthy as decades ago. This convergence of the past, present, and future provides a unique opportunity to avoid the ravages of time and get rid of illnesses and even injuries.

In regions like Ukraine, affected by the conflict between democracy and dictatorship, countless people have suffered physical and psychological trauma. DTM represents a beacon of hope that can restore not only lost limbs but also the vitality and well-being of those affected by war. Bypassing natural aging and mortality, DTM ushered in a new era of health and vitality, promising a brighter future for all who dare to embrace its transformative potential. Imagine a world where the ravages of time can be reversed, where age-related diseases are a thing of the past, and where people can lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. The potential impact on health systems is enormous, reducing pressure on resources and improving the quality of life for everyone.




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