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Alex Isakov

Location: Kharkiv, New York United States

Company: NA

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Number of times previously entering contest: 1

Inspired by: The figure shows the amazing similarity construction and algorithm prototype and virus. But the idea unusual gyro was completed long before the pandemic and Covid-19 virus. This is a manifestation of fractality in holographic formalism. In essence, nature tells us how to solve fundamental problems. The coding of the directions of coherent vibrations is carried out by four harmonic functions, similarly, RNA viruses use their own RNA replicase to copy their genomes. This is just what lies on the surface. In fact, an unusual gyroscope is a fundamentally new type of mechanical gyroscope. 200 years have passed since Johann Gottlieb Friedrich von Bonenberger invented it and published a description of his invention in 1817. Today we have a huge variety of applications. The main part of the Bonenberger gyro was a rotating massive ball in a gimbal. If we place such a ball in a vacuum and force it to rotate around three axes per cycle, it turns out that the rotor ball will perform coherent oscillations, the interference pattern will arise due to the acceleration of the mass elements, and we will be able to control it, As in the case with a conventional gyroscope, many applications will appear. An unusual gyroscope demonstrates a deep connection with the holographic principle and quantum mechanics, cosmology, and physics at the apple level, and this inspires me.

2020 Entries

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06/20 A Radical Method and Device to Combat All Types of Viruses Medical 2422 0