W-HMS (Wearable Health Monitoring System)

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To get real-time physiological data of astronauts during spacewalk and training program.

Real time physiological parameter monitoring while working in dangerous environments such as mines, industrial sites, oil and gas industry, factories, etc.

Need of contactless routine monitoring for improved healthy living.

In the COVID-19 Pandemic, the real scenario of health management of world collapsed to its worst which showed that we lack with the basic health infrastructure.

Driver drowsiness is one of the major causes of serious traffic accidents.

People working in the Oil and Gas industry are exposed to various risk factors. Hence continuous monitoring of their working conditions and well-being is essential.

The current method of measuring physiological data is via the “BP/ECG Kit” installed at sites itself, which includes capabilities to measure ECG, HR, and blood pressure. The kit is bulky, heavy and uses a lot of energy and space.


A wearable all-in-one Health Monitoring system with real time monitoring and user interface to monitor and communicate body’s vital information like ECG, Body Temperature, SPO2, Blood Pressure, etc. which is critically needed to analyse the body situation working in a harsh and rugged environment like Oil & Gas Industry, Aerospace, Security and Defence, Health and Safety.

WHMS-FTM (Wearable Health monitoring System Based on Flexible Thermoelectric Module) is a module which works on utilizing body heat to convert into electricity using See beck principle i.e. if there is a sufficient temperature difference between the materials (PN Junction diode) EMF would be generated across the terminals.

We have been granted a trademark for W-HMS (Defence) & W-HMS-X (Aerospace)


  • Single integrated wearable health monitoring system.
  • Bluetooth connectivity, family group sharing.
  • Real time monitoring on mobile app.
  • Customizable as per industry requirements.
  • Washable, quick dry flexible fabric.
  • Routine body check-up to identify possible deviations from the normal health.
  • Breathable, lightweight, anti-odor, chlorine resistant, UV protection.
  • Data interpretation and analysis module storage capability.
  • Virtual Hospital, Telemedicine can be possible with W-HMS.
  • Works on flexible TEG utilizing body heat and no sweating.

The idea of using physiological parameters, daily routine data, and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict future health problems is a concept known as predictive or proactive healthcare. It's a promising approach that leverages data and AI to identify potential health issues before they become clinically evident. Here's how it works:

  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Early Warning Systems
  • Personalized Health Plans
  • Continuous Monitoring


  • Health care sector
  • Patients, medical staff, telemedicine
  • Remote Locations
  • Mountains, Hilly ranges, Sea, etc.
  • Defence sector
  • Soldiers, para staff, pilots, sailors, etc.
  • Automobile
  • Driver Drowsiness & Co-Passenger
  • Oil and gas sector
  • Employees, workers
  • Mining Industry
  • Mining workers , employees
  • Aerospace
  • Astronauts, trainee, etc.
  • Sports Industry
  • Athletes, Cyclist, adventurers, sky divers, scuba divers, etc.

Total Addressable Market (TAM)
Globally Product W-HMS global requirements in 500crore Units (Rs. 500 Lakh Crore)  

Serviceable Available Market(SAM)
Total market of Our Competitor 150 crore Units (Rs. 150 Lakh Crore)

Share of Market(SOM)
Total Market of W-HMS in India:  80 crore Units (Rs. 80 Lakh Crore) 


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