The Binary To Grey Code Convertor (Modified Version for Youth)

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We have come up with an all new project in the field of digital electronics. It is "The Binary to Grey Code Convertor" WITH SOME GROUNDBREAKING MODIFICATIONS.

This device uses the EXCLUSIVE-OR IC along with other digital electronics components such as LEDs, Google Switch, 7805 Voltage Regulator, etc.

All components are carefully soldered onto a zero-PCB.


  1. This creative yet unique device is capable of converting a 4 bit Binary Code into Grey Code.
  2. Teachers/Professors can use such devices in teaching so that students can understand better. This device often aids in understanding fundamentals of Digital Electronics.

Practical is always better than just theory.

In DIGITAL ELECTRONICS, one often gets tired of changing wires again and again for different combinations. But this creative yet Unique Device/Model tackles this problem. This device is a 4 bit Binary to Grey Code Convertor so it can convert upto 16 unique arrangements of bits(0s & 1s).

The whole set requires a D.C Voltage ranging from 9Volt to 35Volts.We have been able to achieve this great bandwidth just because of 7805 Voltage Regulator which gives a constant Output of 5Volts.

This is a compact device and portable as well. It took me nearly 5 hours to build it from Scratch.

A 9Volt battery is enough for it's proper functioning.The registers used here in series with every LED just to make sure that they don't get fused.

A big toggle switch on Upper Left Extreme is for Power on/off.

The entire device weighs not more than 250 grams.



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