Cooling System

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Data pipelines play a pivotal role in driving business success by transforming raw datasets into valuable insights that fuel informed decision-making processes. IoT-powered smart cities: By supporting and connecting more devices, 6G will drive the growth and development of new IoT applications and services to play a significant role in the development of smart cities, where a wide range of devices and systems are connected to work together improving the quality of life. With increasing of the 6G base station performance, chip (ASIC) heat dissipation density become most limiting factor for successful long term operation. Therefore the standard cooling system (just conventional radiator) cannot be considered as the adequate solution anymore. Two phase thermal solution (heat pipes/ vapor chambers) is most powerful with lowest chip overheating by the moment.

Usually high thermal conductive metals are used as the case here, which not permeable for radio signals. We are proposed cooling system of the future base stations with integrated two-phase solutions into standard radiator, where high thermal conductive plastic could be used as the case material for HP or VC. Recent efforts proves that up to 50 times improvement in plastic thermal conductivity could be done by adding just a few percents of carbon nanotubes. Another advantage of the two-phase cooling solution with plastic case is it flexibility. Therefore such a cooling solution should be very welcome for bendable handsets ( smartphones, tablets PC and etc) as well.


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