Modern, Fast, Accurate EM Simulation Software for Antenna and Radar Design

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Nullspace EM is electromagnetic simulation software that is built for modern computing architecture and is over 25x faster than any of the leading commercial solutions for electrically-large problems.

Nullspace EM has been validated for over 10 years on cutting edge RF technology for the DoD, and last year has been released commercially by Nullspace, Inc, and new start-up based in Orange County, CA.

Engineers in defense, aerospace, communications, and automotive industries use Nullspace EM to analyze and design RF technologies like antennas radars much faster and cost efficiently then even before.

Simulation software has become crucial to the engineering development process. However, today leading commercial software tools for electromagnatic simulations still utilize 30-40year-old solver technology.

It is typical for engineers to wait for days and even weeks for a single simulation experiment to run, which is typical when designing cutting edge RF technologies like modern phased array antennas.

Nullspace EM empowers engineers to cut months or even years from development cycles of new RF technologies.

It is GPU and CPU accelerated and employs high-order geometry and high-order basis functions that reduce meshing requirements, while improving simulation accuracy. Nullspace EM employs a fast, direct solver that dramatically reduces the runtime and memory requirements without loss of accuracy. This solver is based on a novel, proprietary large scale linear algebra matrix compression algorithm.

Nullspace EM drastically speeds up the analysis of such antenna design problems as:

  • Narrow-, wide-, and multi-band antennas
  • Antenna design, analysis, & placement
  • Phased array design
  • Reflector design
  • Co-site interference simulation
  • In situ antenna pattern prediction
  • EMC/EMI analysis
  • Radomes with FSS modeling
  • Rapid EM device design optimization

Scattering analysis with Nullspace EM allows engineers to efficiently simulate the radar cross section (RCS) of complex objects such as aircraft, ships, and ground vehicles for the following applications:

  • Narrowband & wideband monostatic and bistatic radar cross section analysis
  • Biological tissue scattering and propagation
  • Ground penetrating radar for unexploded ordnance and mine detection
  • Subsurface geolocation
  • Planetary surface mapping

Nullspace EM is disrupting the engineering software market by delivering modern solver technology that gives RF engineers the power and speed they need to run faster experiments more frequently, to explore more design parameters, do drive innovation, and bring products to market faster.



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