High Power Micro 3-phase MOSFET

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Miniaturizing a high-power 3-phase MOSFET usually sacrifices power, but I have made three 3-phase MOSFET that will not sacrifice power to miniaturize brushless motor drive application. One 3-phase MOSFET is rated for 80 amps, 40 volts and measures 10x10x1mm. Two 3-phase MOSFETs are rated for 40 and 20 amps, 30 volts and measures 6x6x0.6mm. Also in the pictures you can see a single channel MOSFET which is rated for 100 amps, 80 volts and measures 8x8x1mm...the only reason I had it made it because the TOLL package MOSFETs are larger and I wanted to see if a die used on the TOLL package could be used in a DFN8x8 package. The end result is a MOSFET with a lower resistance compared to a 80 volts TOLL package MOSFET.


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    Luciano Batista
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