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DTM an invention that arises from experience, from the concept to its patent, now working to see how that seed grows waiting to see the launch of this technology since it provides more than 10 advantages over traditional detection, improving the performance of the devices. sensors from any manufacturer, achieving with this new configuration an inclusive system for society. The implementation of DTM as a solution and configuration is possible to improve safety against the risk of fire smoke, being able to reach all homes since it is of a considered solution, a form of significant disruption for the prevention of fatalities due to fire smoke inhalation, also represents an improvement for our cities. This design not only meets, but exceeds expectations, offering a rapid and effective response both with open and closed doors. In critical situations, such as home fires, this “over-engineering” could be the difference between containment and disaster. What is DTM and why will it be relevant in the EdTech educational field?

DTM and its Simplicity: Just like fastening your seat belt in a car, placing a device, with the DTM configuration in the most strategic place, is a simple but vital gesture. It requires no advanced technical skills or complicated instructions. It is an act that anyone, including children, adults and the elderly can perform with great ease.

Protection Against High Temperatures: The DTM form factor is designed to improve your safety and protection against fire and smoke, it resists high temperatures. Unlike conventional detectors, which are often more affected by the heat generated during a fire, DTM remains functional. Imagine the peace of mind this brings in the educational environment.

Control of Two Areas: With this DTM configuration we not only protect ourselves against fire, but it also allows us to monitor two different areas. In the event of fire activation, this feature facilitates successful evacuation. Citizens in their homes can be calmer because the DTM system is always correctly located, alert and ready to alert us in case of fire incidents.

One Gesture, A Lot of Safety: Just as fastening the seat belt has become an automatic habit, locating DTM on the door lintel is just as simple. With just a gesture, we contribute to improving the safety of everyone in their homes, representing being very visual and formative in the educational environment. We must teach the importance of this vital gesture #EvolutionHangLife.

In short, DTM is not only an efficient technology, but also a constant reminder of the importance of small gestures to protect lives. In classrooms and educational environments, DTM becomes a silent but powerful ally. We must teach the importance of this vital gesture 🚪🔥#EvolutionHangLife that we are showing to large corporations and that offers us the possibility of teaching, enhancing home security from a technological and facilitating perspective.

The Data for technological corporations:

Smoke Detectors Market Size is estimated at USD 3.01 Billion in 2024 and is expected to reach USD 4.25 Billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 7.13% during the period planned (2024-2029)



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