Open Source Wearable Infrared Thermometer Ring to Enhance Work Efficiency

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An infrared thermometer is an essential tool for rapid, accurate, and contactless temperature measurements.

As the name suggests it is an infrared thermometer that can be worn like a ring on the finger. The thermometer has an infrared temperature sensor under the ring, and the temperature reading is displayed on an OLED screen on top of the ring. For this project, I used the Xiao esp32c3 microcontroller, and I incorporated a built-in BMS for recharging the battery. Additionally, I used the MLX90614 Non-Contact Precision Thermometer Module, which provides fast temperature readings ranging from -70°C (-94°F) to +380°C (+720°F).The sensor does not need to have contact with the subject to measure the temperature. You can get a reliable measurement from 2cm to 5cm away from the subject. this project is fully 3d printed.

I thought this would be useful for restaurant or food truck workers. With this setup, the worker can still take readings while handling food or drinks for the customer. No need to grab another thermometer and use it. This can save time on the order because the worker can do other tasks while wearing this. It is a great use case for this project. This tool can be customized by changing a few lines of code. For example, you can pre-set different temperature values or ranges and display a message if the sensor reaches these readings. This customization can be helpful for various purposes like baby food motoring, baking, scientific analysis, manufacturing, etc.

This project is fully open source. you can find detailed building instructions and design files from my blog


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