Mixed Reality Headset for Laser Safety Eyewear

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The rapid development of wearable electronics and the emergence of mixed reality (MR) headsets in practical applications have highlighted the need for enhanced laser safety eyewear. Traditional laser safety goggles often cost more than $200 but provide inferior vision with significant color distortion and darkness. With the increasing use of high-power lasers and stricter safety regulations, there is a pressing demand for more effective, affordable, and user-friendly laser safety goggles. We introduce an innovative laser filter kit designed for laser safety eyewear which is integrated with commercial MR headset to improve visualization while maintaining safety standards.


The proposed solution leverages a polarizer to adjust the brightness of the laser, whose polarization is well-defined compared to general light sources such as bulbs or LEDs. An additional color filter can be attached to the cameras of the commercial MR headset. This configuration has been validated with a prototype based on Meta Quest 3, demonstrating appropriate visualization of lasers and providing an easy, safe, and rapid working environment, as shown in Fig1. The prototype testing showed that this method successfully blocks laser light without significant color distortion or reduction in brightness.

The manufacturing process involves injection molding and the assembly of a small, cost-effective polarizer and color filter. This filter assembly is designed to cover the headset's cameras. The compact design and efficient manufacturing techniques ensure that the cost of production falls under $5 per piece, as illustrated in Fig2.

Targeted Market

The laser safety eyewear market is growing rapidly due to the robust supply of high-power lasers and stricter safety regulations. The current market size is approximately $626 million, with projections estimating growth to $1.3 billion by 2030, as described in Fig3. Despite the demand, existing solutions are costly, over $200, and provide poor vision quality, as depicted in Fig1. To customers, we offer a more affordable ($70) and superior alternative to traditional laser safety goggles. The target market includes various sectors such as academia, industry, military, manufacturing, nuclear energy, and space exploration, all of which increasingly rely on high-power lasers and require effective safety solutions.

Opening New Market

Our innovative invention will not only cater to the burgeoning laser safety eyewear market but also create a vibrant community of laser operators via software. By integrating advertisements for cutting-edge scientific instruments and fostering an online community, we bridge academia and industry, promoting knowledge exchange and collaboration. This synergy will drive demand for our laser filter kits, opening new market avenues and ensuring rapid adoption and scalability of our solution.


The Mixed Reality Headset for Laser Safety Eyewear presents a groundbreaking invention to the limitations of current laser safety goggles. By utilizing laser filter kits, our solution offers superior visualization, enhanced safety, and affordability. With a billion-dollar scale growing market and the pressing need for improved laser safety, this project stands poised to make a significant impact, improving the quality of life and safety for users in high-risk environments. US Patent Provisional Application Serial No. 63/631,278


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