Ferromagnetic Metal Segregator from Waste Material

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Ferromagnetic metals such as iron and cobalt are extremely well-known. In fact, iron is the strongest ferromagnetic metal. Untreated waste disposal not only harms the environment but may also lead to cobalt poisoning if injested. Animals such as pigs and dogs are prone to harsh effects of heavy metals the most. Iron makes up a substantial part of its core. The Earth therefore functions as a permanent magnet by itself.

The alpha-FE structure of iron's body-centred cubic (bcc) structure makes it ferromagnetic. Magnets are strongly attracted by ferromagnetic metals, while the rest aren't. Paramagnetic metals are also attracted towards a magnet but not to a great extent.

Now here comes the Electromagnet. It is known for its groundbreaking applications. They have a ferromagnetic core surrounded by a coil of wire. By connecting the wire to a source of electricity, a strong magnetic field is created. It is further amplified by the ferromagnetic material. Depending on the electric current, electromagnets can be extremely powerful as the magnetic field strength is directly proportional to the current intensity (in amperes) and the number of turns of the copper winding.

Magnetic force can also be turned on and off with the press of a button.

Ferromagnetic metal segregator is a device which is made using an electromagnet. It perfectly serves the purpose of segregating iron metal parts from debris. Whenever it switched is on, the iron metal components approach towards the iron nail due to the force of magnetic attraction.

Procedure for making this device:

  1. Take an iron nail and wound insulated copper wire over it.
  2. Curl it over the nail without leaving gaps.
  3. Make a frame using wooden sticks to hold all components.
  4. Use a hot glue gun to stick parts.Then connect end terminals of the solenoid with terminals of 9 volt battery.
  5. Make sure to attach an on/off switch.

Test the connections first and then paste all components over the wooden stick frame with the help of glue gun or adhesive.




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