Detection of Adulterants in Milk - Nanomaterials Based Sensor Design

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Milk is a staple food with an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. But, 37.7% of milk samples failed quality norms of FSSAI and 68.7% of milk samples are found to be adulterated. Continued consumption would lead to mediated side effects like breathing problems, vomiting, nausea and gastritis harming kidney, liver etc. Thus, there is a need for increasing problem of milk adulteration for financial gain, driven by a lack of proper monitoring and unhygienic conditions, poses a serious concern for public health and safety. We have proposed a Nano-Sensor based milk adulteration kit with that of optical and calorimetric based results facilitating easier identification. This outloads to enhanced food safety through rapid and accurate detection of adulterants in milk and improved quality control measures ensuring the integrity of dairy products throughout the supply chain. Enhanced quality of milk will lead to improved public health by reducing the consumption of adulterated or contaminated milk. By enabling nearby dairy farmers to evaluate the quality of their milk before selling it, this kit might give rural communities an extra revenue stream. As same this would lead to increase in market size by 42%.

Detergents and other adulterants, such as formaldehyde, are toxic and can lead to nausea, vomiting, and long-term health problems. Microbial contamination also raises the possibility of foodborne infections, which can manifest as symptoms like fever and vomiting. Long-term intake of milk with high adulteration can cause chronic health issues such kidney and liver damage, hormonal imbalances, and increased susceptibility to illness. More awareness would spread among the people about adulteration in milk and the adverse effects it can cause. Given its low cost, making that everyone can purchase it and use it to test before they buy. Consumers can buy the product knowing the real quality of it, rather than relying on the certified mark from the company.


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