Crono: Digital Time-switch to Drive Automation

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If one need to automate ceiling or outdoor lighting of shops or malls, school bell, street lighting including industrial application, GIC Timeswitch-Crono is an answer. It controls ON/OFF cycles of electrical equipment at pre- programmed time, week/day & has built-in RTC backed by 10 years battery reserve.

These are practical applications & contribute to sale over 1,500,000 products per annum resulting revenue ~ ₹120 million proving that the product has marketability.

Innovation in Power Reduction: Low Carbon footprint

The one of Novelty is that the product stands out due to its efficient power consumption. We’ve implemented instantaneous [real time] Pulsating DC PWM technology for Relay switching. This has been greatly controlled by software which removes dependability on hardware. As it gets directly driven by Mains rectified supply, so power conversions are eliminated resulting in reduction in component density in the product which improves Manufacturability, Reduces Size & makes product Cost competitive.

The product operates within a supply voltage range of 90 to 270 AC volts and directly drives a 24-volt relay using the rectified supply. To prevent relay burnout, the relay is switched on for a variable fraction of a second at a frequency of 20-25 kHz. This approach takes into account supply variations, relay supply tolerances, and component latency. In contrast to conventional methods reliant on static DC PWM, this innovative design integrates a dynamic feedback mechanism that adeptly adjusts to fluctuations in the input power source, marking a notable advancement in operational efficiency and reliability.

In Power off state, it consumes incredibly low current as ~ 1 uA current only which helps battery Capacity Management. All this enables us to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to global sustainability efforts.

Innovation in RTC Accuracy

The accuracy of the RTC product has a critical Role, yet it is significantly influenced by environmental factors such as temperature. While opting for an ASIC can mitigate this issue, it substantially increases the product's cost. To address this, design has been Innovated in such that a software algorithm that monitors temperature, Checks Crystal attributes and adjusts the clock accordingly after regular time interval & that too in less Space!! Every product's crystal is calibrated which aids to get desired accuracy.

This saves ~ $1 which is significant Cost saving making product Cost Competitive without quality compromise.

Other Features

To enhance load lifespan, we have implemented Zero-Cross Detection (ZCD) technology. This technique precisely tracks the sine wave and activates the switch at the optimal moment, minimizing heavy inrush currents and protecting valuable loads.

The product features a Sleep mode that enhances battery efficiency, ensuring customers won't need to replace the battery during its lifetime ensuring sustainability. This eco-friendly design also contributes to a greener Earth.


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