Ore Secure Helmet

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We have developed an innovative ore secure helmet designed to significantly enhance safety in mining environments. This helmet is engineered to prevent accidents caused by hazardous gases and rock collisions, which are common risks faced by miners. Our comprehensive approach to safety involves the integration of advanced sensors and smart technology to ensure timely warnings and effective protection for miners.

At the core of our helmet's functionality is the MQ135 gas sensor, a crucial component for detecting the presence of carbon dioxide (CO2), commonly referred to as black damp. Black damp is a dangerous gas mixture that can cause suffocation and other health hazards. When the MQ135 sensor detects elevated levels of CO2, it triggers a buzzer to alert miners of the imminent danger. This immediate warning system allows miners to evacuate or take necessary precautions swiftly, potentially saving lives.

To address the physical dangers posed by rock collisions, we have incorporated a Velostat pressure sensor. This sensor is designed to measure the intensity of impacts on the helmet, providing valuable data on the force exerted during such incidents. This information can be used by medical professionals to assess potential head injuries more accurately, leading to better diagnosis and treatment. By monitoring impact intensity, our helmet not only protects miners in real-time but also contributes to their long-term health and safety.

Visibility is another critical aspect of miner safety, especially in the dimly lit environments typical of mining operations. To ensure miners have optimal visibility, we have integrated an LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) sensor that automatically controls COB (Chip-on-Board) LED lights. The LDR sensor adjusts the brightness of the LED lights based on the surrounding ambient light conditions. In low-light situations, the LEDs brighten to provide clear visibility, while in well-lit conditions, the lights dim to conserve battery power. This smart lighting system ensures miners can see their surroundings clearly, reducing the risk of accidents.

All the sensors and the lighting system are managed by an ESP32 C3 microcontroller. This powerful microcontroller processes the data from the sensors and efficiently controls the helmet’s functions. The ESP32 C3 ensures that the helmet operates seamlessly, providing real-time responses to changing environmental conditions and potential hazards.

To make our helmet practical for use in demanding mining environments, we have chosen a 3.7V rechargeable lithium-ion battery as the power source. This battery is not only lightweight, contributing to the overall comfort of the helmet, but also provides long-lasting power to ensure continuous operation. The rechargeable nature of the battery makes it convenient and cost-effective for miners to use over extended periods.

Our ore secure helmet combines advanced technology with practical design to create a comprehensive safety solution for miners. By integrating gas detection, impact measurement, and smart lighting, we provide a multi-faceted approach to miner safety. This helmet offers timely warnings, effective protection, and enhanced visibility, significantly reducing the risks associated with mining. Through our innovative design, we aim to protect miners and contribute to a safer working environment in the mining industry.



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    Siddhi Bodhe
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