Smart Water Quality Monitoring System

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The Smart Water Quality Monitoring System is an advanced solution designed to provide real-time insights into the quality of drinking water. This innovative system integrates industrial-grade sensors, a Raspberry Pi 4 for data processing, and a HMI touch display for interactive data visualization. Complemented by a user-friendly mobile application developed using React Native and Node.js Express, this system offers continuous monitoring and easy access to vital water quality data, promoting health and safety in various settings.


The Smart Water Quality Monitoring System stands at the forefront of technological advancements in environmental monitoring. This innovative design represents a significant leap over current water quality monitoring methods by integrating cutting-edge technologies to provide real-time, precise, and comprehensive data on drinking water quality. This solution offers continuous monitoring through industrial-grade sensors, ensuring that any deviation in water quality is promptly detected. The incorporation of a double-layer PCB design and custom 3D-printed sensor housings enhances the system’s performance and durability. Moreover, the use of a Raspberry Pi 4 for data processing and a HMI touch display for real-time visualization brings together the best of modern electronics and user interface design, making it both a novel and advanced solution in the realm of water quality monitoring.


Production of our system involves designing and manufacturing PCBs, 3D printing sensor housings, and assembling the hardware components. The software stack, including the mobile application, is developed to ensure smooth operation and user-friendly interaction.


The Smart Water Quality Monitoring System has extensive practical applications across multiple sectors. It ensures drinking water safety for residential consumers and enables municipal water authorities to monitor public water supplies in real-time. Industrial facilities, particularly in food and beverage production, can use the system for continuous quality monitoring and regulatory compliance. The agricultural sector benefits from monitoring irrigation water, promoting sustainable practices. With a global focus on environmental sustainability and public health, the market for this innovative solution is substantial and growing. Its user-friendly mobile application provides accessible, actionable insights, making it a valuable tool for ensuring water safety and quality.


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