Contactless Doorbell With Security System

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In the contemporary world, the demand for contactless, fast, and automated systems has surged, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This discription explores the design, implementation, and functionality of a Contactless IoT Doorbell with an integrated security system, utilizing Raspberry Pi technology to provide automatic visitor recognition and real-time alerts to homeowners.

The system leverages facial recognition and IoT capabilities to enhance security and convenience, allowing homeowners to monitor and interact with visitors remotely. Key components include:

  • Camera Module: Captures video and images of approaching visitors. It uses facial recognition to determine if the person is registered in the system.
  • Raspberry Pi Controller: Manages the entire system, processing video data, handling communication with the IoT interface, and controlling the speaker for voice responses.
  • Speaker: Provides a voice-assisted interface, greeting registered visitors and communicating with unregistered visitors based on homeowner input.
  • IoT Interface: Enables the homeowner to receive alerts, view images, interact with visitors, and monitor the entrance remotely. It can be accessed via desktop or mobile devices.
  • Alarm System: Allows the homeowner to sound an alarm remotely in case of suspicious activity or break-in attempts.

Operational Workflow:

  • Visitor Detection: The camera module detects a person approaching the door.
  • Facial Recognition: The system checks if the person is registered. If registered, the doorbell greets the visitor and sends an alert with an image to the homeowner.
  • Unregistered Visitors: If the person is not registered, the system sends an image to the homeowner, who can then interact with the visitor through a set of predefined questions and replies. The responses are converted to speech by the system.
  • Remote Monitoring and Alerts: Homeowners can view live images of the entrance at any time and sound an alarm if needed.


  • Automatic Visitor Recognition: Eliminates the need for physical interaction with the doorbell.
  • Voice-Assisted Interface: Provides a user-friendly communication method.
  • Instant Online Alerts: Keeps the homeowner informed in real-time.
  • Remote Alarm Activation: Enhances security by allowing the homeowner to alert neighbors.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Allows for real-time monitoring of the entrance.

This Contactless IoT Doorbell with Security System demonstrates the potential of integrating Raspberry Pi technology with IoT capabilities to create a robust, user-friendly, and secure system for residential use. The system not only provides convenience and enhanced security but also aligns with the modern preference for contactless interactions.


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