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It is a family of machines based on a 2012 patent that was developed for the elimination of 99.9% of viruses and bacteria found in supermarket trolleys.

The University of Arizona published a scientific paper in 2010 which showed that the surface of shopping carts and baskets carry a huge amount of bacteria, which are continually passed from hand to hand between users. This can be extrapolated to trays and utensils in fast food outlets, school cafeterias, hospitals, access controls, public buildings, airports, etc.

We design systems capable of eliminating any pathogen, as is the case of (COVID19), keeping the user safe in the process, for the food, textile retail and logistics sectors, with 4 types of specific equipment for this purpose.

Bacteriological and viral safety is possible with these developments.

These equipments wash and disinfect or disinfect, depending on the type of product introduced, as there are versions developed for baskets, trolleys, food trays in public canteens and for depositing objects at access controls, and others for disinfection of packages, garments, clothes, tools. All with a system that achieves maximum efficiency in only 4 minutes in the largest machine model.

Two models have been manufactured and installed, all 4 have been developed and, in addition to the patent in force, there are utility models in Spain and protection.


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