AI and IoT in Grand Care

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Elderly people are falling more frequently worldwide, especially those who are 60 years of age and beyond. One major factor that contributes to these falls is the lack of routine supervision provided to older individuals living alone. Many claims are made for injuries sustained by older people when they fall, and occasionally these accidents are deadly. Thus, reliable and useful e-health technologies are essential for elder care, especially for single people. Artificial intelligence (AI), one of the newest and fastest-growing technologies, would be a great tool to help people keep an eye on their health and avoid falls.The research, surveys, studies, and experiments on fall prevention in the elderly using artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors, radio detection and ranging (RADAR), infrared (IR) radiation, and hardware technologies, are compared in this review article. It has been determined that AI-IoT technology will be the most effective fall prevention strategy for older persons when it comes to real-time and long-term monitoring without the need for human involvement.


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