Entrant Profile

Dionysios Mylonas

Location: Athens, Attica Greece

Company: Individual Patent Owner

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Number of times previously entering contest: never

Hobbies and activities: Automotive technology, sports and psychology.

Online communities: LinkedIn, Facebook.

Inspired by: I am a Chemical Engineer MSc (UCLA), MBA (Imperial College London) with specialization in Fuels' Technology. The reason I took this specialization is simply that I am a car enthusiast, so I tried to combine hobby with studies. My first degree, a 5-yr Diploma at the National Technical University of Athens, was completed by a thesis that was a combination of Organic Chemistry and Automotive Engineering: developing new gasoline additives and testing them on a standard engine with variable compression ratio, the well-known US CFR engine. Subsequently, my Master thesis at UCLA was dealing with specific aspects of pollution in the LA basin, which was mainly caused by, what else, automobiles. This thesis formed the basis for a paper published in one of the most important scientific journals in the field at that time, namely Atmospheric Environment: