Looking at the Fuel Economy in India i.e. ARAI Fuel Economy during Testing v/s Actual riding Condition by Customer on Road, there is always variation in fuel economy, which is possibly due to Fuel QTY Variation in fuel testing.

Shipping transport changed to containers some decades ago but that created another transport bottleneck, the port crane, that can usually move about 200 containers per hour. Our 1000 containers per hour port crane system uses around 200 x,y,z movement crane modules, battery or green hydrogen powered, to pickup containers,

The application of additive manufacturing has allowed a research team at The University of Bath (UK) to significantly improve the achievable performance of SiC and other wide band gap semiconductor devices, allowing an increase in inverter performance that will improve the efficiency,

The basic idea is to replace the differential gear of the axle by two CVTs (continuous variable transmission), one on each half wheel shaft, whose electric machines are working on torque regulation with close torque set points.

The innovation introduces a 48Volts Mild Hybrid Transmission System (the System). Unlike other mild hybrid configurations, known in the prior art, which only enable the administration of TORQUE available from the hybrid set (e.g., internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric machine (EM)),

An Alternative Crank Engine

This product innovation relates to the internal combustion engine and proposes a significant step forward in improving performance, fuel economy and emissions by changing the thermodynamic cycle of heat transfer into useful work whilst retaining all existing technological infrastructure and costs.

A Smart and Adaptive Driver Monitoring and Assistance System based on Facial Landmarking & Deep Learning.

The problem ADAMS-Advanced Driving And Monitoring System solves is that a large portion of road accidents (78.4%) are due to the driver fatigue and inattention. This includes speeding,

With the targeting of specialization technologies in materials for automotive purposes, within the innovations invisible to the consumer market, we observe the state of the art in cylinder liners for internal combustion engines (MCI's) in cast iron, aluminum or ceramic coated. For Diesel MCI's,

A briefcase-sized e-kit (comprising lithium ion battery module, motor and electronics – patent pending) is designed to be easily attached to the wide variety of non-motorized vehicle types (vehicles that are pushed, pulled or pedalled). It can be applied to vehicles in several applications,

Why airless tires currently don’t work for road going vehicles and how to fix it.

I believe because the fundamental principle that makes pneumatic tires so effective has been forgotten which is the constant outward force the air pressure inside provides.

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