The basic idea is to replace the differential gear of the axle by two CVTs (continuous variable transmission), one on each half wheel shaft, whose electric machines are working on torque regulation with close torque set points.

A Smart and Adaptive Driver Monitoring and Assistance System based on Facial Landmarking & Deep Learning.

The problem ADAMS-Advanced Driving And Monitoring System solves is that a large portion of road accidents (78.4%) are due to the driver fatigue and inattention. This includes speeding,

A briefcase-sized e-kit (comprising lithium ion battery module, motor and electronics – patent pending) is designed to be easily attached to the wide variety of non-motorized vehicle types (vehicles that are pushed, pulled or pedalled). It can be applied to vehicles in several applications,

Why airless tires currently don’t work for road going vehicles and how to fix it.

I believe because the fundamental principle that makes pneumatic tires so effective has been forgotten which is the constant outward force the air pressure inside provides.

The main idea in this entry was to introduce a methodology and concludingly an optimized geometry for a commercial reactive muffler for noise reduction in auto applications. Due to a large number of variables (geometrical and mode) involving in the topology optimization of the common commercial mufflers,

Have you seen the latest documentary “SEASPIRACY” on Netflix? If you did not watch it, you probably need to see it if you have any intention of saving the world. From the moment I saw it which is few days ago,

A side impact collision is also know as a T-bone collision or a broadside collision, and involves one side of a vehicle being impacted by the rear or front of another vehicle. It has been estimated that 25 percent of all car crashes involve a side impact collision.

AscenZ’s innovative and game-changing process technology, based on the highly efficient pultrusion manufacturing process, offers many advantages over traditional friction material manufacturing -- including continuous and highly-automated production yielding near-zero variability. The company’s highly-advanced friction composites demonstrate superior quality, significantly more consistent properties,

So my idea is to make vegetable jam (thela) automated. There are more than 50,000 thela wala's in India, my father is one of them. We all know how much hard work they need to put in to move thela and make money on a daily basis.

AutoRing is a new type of Dash Cam. However, instead of filming what is going on outside the car, it is set to record break-ins. Owners have a security fob that disarms the system when doors are opened, but if a thief enters the vehicle,

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