Entrant Profile

Xiangwen Xiong

Location: Gz, Texas United States

Company: International WYNNBEAR Advance

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Inspired by: We are highly dynamic and creative researchers. We're doing some special works that have not opened provisionally. Our study was extensive, in which some special ecological & economic plants are involved. In the process we discovered some plants, especially the wide variety of tropical plants, they have many special functions and interesting phenomena. The tropical climate is hot and sunny. Contrary to what most people might expect, most tropical pleasing understory plants, such as mosses, orchids, tropical cacti, clerodendrum cyrtophyllum and uvaria microcarpa, receive very little sunlight and should be located in shadier environments without direct sunlight. This gives us an approach and idea to get both global public green and clean energy by an ecological & energized modularized system.
As we continue to in-depth research and extensive expansion, these functions and phenomena combining with advanced technologies and engineering have powerful functional characteristics and a wide range of applications in many fields, especially in today's environment degradation, climate challenges, carbon emissions, sustainability and resilience, etc. We modularized these functions and phenomena and created the ecological & energized module (EEM), EEM living underlying system. Based on the EEM living underlying and fundamental system, we have introduced into modern advanced technology, such as transgenic technology, optical technology, automatic control and sensing technology, transportation technology, coding technology and autonomous driving technology, and created a novel and powerful EEM advanced multi-function system that related to almost every aspect of human life. As we further research and prototype development, the extended EEMs living underlying and fundamental system has a more general interest in almost all the human living & ecological systems, civil engineering infrastructures and had been widely accepted in many Top & Professional organizations and society, some of them are as follows.
1), SAE
The significant research article that relates to this project & products had been published in SAE (the world's largest society of Automobile and Aerotech)
( https://saemobilus.sae.org/content/2021-01-0046 )
(https://www.sae.org/publications/collections/content/E-JOURNAL-99/ )
(https://doi.org/10.47953/SAE-PP-00151 , We rushed out a preprint, in which some contents are related to this project & products, and is intended to submit to Transportation Research Board (TRB) or other professional journals after adding more experimental data and using effects)
We have long-term connections with many organizations and institutions, such as Science magazines, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). After preliminary experimental data and early product prototype development, we have already an exceptional accepted paper associating with this project in the AeroTech Summit 2021- America, which is one of the best papers, a Journal article, and the author of the paper won an SAE Certificate of appreciation for outstanding service, which is signed by Jeff Hemphill, the 2021 SAE President, and Dr. David L Schutt, CEO of SAE international. A project relates to this paper is under review in AFRL (Air Force Research Laboratory).
2), FIB
Our full research paper (12 pages) that relates to this project & products had been accepted by FIB (International Federation for Structural Concrete) after a rigorous peer-review process.
An ecological & energized modules (EEMs) living underlying and fundamental system, which is with a general interest in almost all human living & ecological system, civil engineering, and infrastructure system. It is the basics, underlying and fundamental system of zero energy, zero-water consumption, zero-carbon with a 100% greening rate, 100% clean energy, high-quality air, and powerful carbon capture systems with significant positive spillover for global carbon removal and carbon balance, and climate challenges, etc. There are two main categories of materials used in civil engineering, one is steel, and the other is concrete. It is like the components of the human body. The steel is the skeleton, the concrete is the flesh, and the ecological & energized modules EEMs overlay is the powerful integumentary system with advanced multi-mode functionality. When the EEMs modules & system be used as the concrete overlay for infrastructures, not only is the EEMs system a protective layer and a landscape layer, but it is also a construction method of easy, fast, efficient, noiseless and zero-dependence on the large complex equipment. Honeycomb and prestressed structures have been used in the EEMs system, which is with high strength, high reliability, and high durability in almost all civil engineering and infrastructure.
Our full research paper (9 pages) that relates to this project & products had been accepted by IABSE (International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering) after a rigorous peer-review process.
4), ASM
Our two papers that relate to this project & products had been accepted by ASM (American Society for Metals, the world's largest association of materials engineers and scientists), and will be shown in 2021 ASM international materials applications & technologies.
(https://asm.confex.com/asm/imat2021/webprogram/Paper54196.html )
(https://asm.confex.com/asm/imat2021/webprogram/Paper54253.html )
(https://www.eventscribe.net//2021/ICTDPavements21/index.asp , search "xiong")
1 presentation and 3 posters that relate to this project & products had been presented in ASCE's Flagship Conference in Transportation & Development and pavements 2021.
America must invest more in its infrastructure and road system. From now on, there is no the nuisance of ‘dust was flying everywhere,’ ‘driveway and other places were chipped or cracked,’ and ‘everywhere loose stones and aggregate,’ loud noise and traffic jams make it difficult to get through, etc. A preformed EEM road system for road building, renewing and renovation, which is after 3D scanning and imaging of an old and damaged road, we preforming morphologically matched EEM modules and modular EEM road systems at our manufacturing plant. All the construction process and process flow of road construction on site were transferred to the plant. With the gentle slope pieces at both ends, the preformed EEM Ecological maintenance of old roads can be used immediately after the paving, repairing, and re-laying at any time.
It is pollution-free, safe, noiseless, fast, efficient, easy, and zero-dependence on large complex equipment during construction. All the work can be rehearsed on a computer after three-dimensional scanning and imaging of the actual EEM modules and EEM parts that have been preformed. All possible problems and precautions, such as pavement problems, bearing strength & stress distribution problems, foundation problems and geological problems, will be dealt with in advance on the computer.
6), ASES
Our two papers that relate to this project & products had been accepted by ASES (American Solar Energy Society) and will be shown in 2021 ASES, 50th Annual National Solar Conference, SOLAR 2021: Empowering a Sustainable Future.
The program is in processing ...
7), BSA (Botanical Society of America)
Xiangwen, xiong, et al.,
Xiangwen, xiong, et al.,
8), and more…