Entrant Profile

Ingo Janthur

Location: Ruesselsheim, Hessen Germany

Company: selfemployed

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Favorite design and analysis tools: Old-fashioned pencil work and geometry

Hobbies and activities: motocycling, sailing

Online communities: LinkedIn

Inspired by: I did longterm professional work for superched and turbocharged combustion engines. We were always looking for reliable high efficiency yet low friction superchargers or pumps but none were known.

Further, in 1987 I was a member of the succesful participation in the "Solar Challenge" with the GM-Sunraycer. This was my first major contact with solar and electric vehicles. Yet, from that I still have some doubts that batteries will be our future.

So I believe that other systems are needed:
simple, cheap, easy to manufacture, highly efficient, with wide operating ranges.

This design here may help to make AC-compressors, heat pumps, compressors of any kind, fuel cells or even charged enginges a little bit more efficient.

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