Entrant Profile

Jia Ting Han

Location: Kajang, Selangor Malaysia

Company: University of Nottingham

Profession: Student

Inspired by: The quality of life all around the world has been improving in line with the rapid development of the world and the raising awareness of human right. According to research, wheelchair-users experience avenues of stress that are unique to having a disability and multiple dimensions of life are affected. However, every individual has the right to enjoy the best attainable state of physical and mental health, wheelchair user is no exception. Thus, our concept is the beginning of a series of sporty, unique and user-friendly transforming system that help people with lower limb disability travel without experiencing fatigue and make more places accessible for them. We want to let more wheelchair user have access to motorized wheelchair by building a low-cost wheelchair transforming system that is affordable by all income groups.

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