Consumer Product Design

Interactive headband with multi-spaced distancing sensors (optical & sound), attached to individual vibrating motors evenly spaced around the head to warn of impending side and rear impact.

Acoustic Guitar Amplification is a very big industry right now. Many country singers, as-well-as Rock Star Electric Guitarists are coming back to the acoustic--for that pure and natural acoustic guitar sound.

The proposed product is a new type of car chair pneumatic pillow. This pillow consists of three pillows, manufactured with elastic materials. Two of them are connected by air valves. The central pillow is isolated from others and contains microbeads or another filler.

Tool - Racheting Fire hydrant wrench combine the two tools first two in video (two sided wrench).

After you open the bonnet (top of hydrant) to repair, you need another size tool.

Having two tools, two sizes on one wrench, top and bottom allows for less tools.

The Ag-Chair Lift is a mobility device specifically designed for those with a disability, within the agricultural and forestry industries.

One in five people in Australia (over 4 million people) have a disability of some kind. Those with a disability go to work, have families,

Wireless power based on the Qi standard has established itself as the preferred technology for charging mobile devices in cars, homes, and common spaces worldwide. A broad ecosystem of thousands of interoperable devices has been built over the years,

In this project a model of an alternative energy source is simulated. In recent years due to increases in greenhouse gas the world needs to shift its energy generation from non-renewable energy sources to renewable energy sources.

1 ton of coated magazine paper consumes over 15 trees and 1 ream of paper (which is 500 sheets), and will use 5% of a tree to be manufactured. When you consider how many magazines, newspapers and office papers are used or printed and distributed across the world,

Do you know that people in many part of the world travel many kilometers carrying water jerry can every day or few times a day to bring water for drinking, cooking, watering their plants and many other reasons? If you are not aware, well you are about to be.

The process of soil damage and vegetation loss often begins with the activities of overgrazing animals. Grazing livestock sometimes consume plants down to the ground. This activity weakens the individual plant with a reduction in tissues capable of photosynthesis; its growth is greatly inhibited. In addition,

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