Entrant Profile

Lydia Keaty

Location: Ramona, California United States

Company: None

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Inspired by: This product was the result of our senior design project team at San Diego State University. Water is a valuable resource that should not be wasted if avoidable. The convenient automatic shutoff that stops without a timer is not something we have seen before. The automation to shut off the water when a reusable bottle is full, prevents users from spilling or wasting water. I was the project manager of the team and as a student and parent refilling reusable water bottles was a daily task. As students there were many times our hands were full with books, food, cell phones, or other items and it would have been more convenient to place a water bottle without having to depress a button or have the bottle sides be wet and slippery from spill over. As a parent, automation would stop a spill from occurring thus preventing an accident while teaching small children to fill their own bottles. This was designed with ADA compliance and end users in mind. Small children and adults tested this prototype by filling their water bottles.