Entrant Profile

Linfei Wang

Location: Shanghai, Shanghai China


Profession: Scientist

Inspired by: With increasing powder density of Batteries, Power Invertor and other power electronic units, there is growing demand for thermal encapsulants with low density for weight and cost reduction, along with differentiated properties such as low viscosity, minimal filler settling and low temp primerless adhesion. Current commercial 1.5 W/mK thermal encapsulants have higher density at 2.6 g/cm³ and performance unable to meet new applications. Moreover, all competitive products have filler settlement issue. The filler anti-settling is required from customer side which can providing lower cost-of-ownership. It’s also an key needs for 1.5 W/mK thermal encapsulants. DOWSIL™ TC-6015 is positioned as leading 1.5W/mK thermal encapsulant widely used for potting power conversion electronics.

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