My idea was born from the experience of seeing and buying samples of miniature pottery made of clay. Sometime later,

Corrosion has compromised structural materials since the dawn of civilization. Today, the annual direct cost of metallic corrosion is estimated to be ~$300 billion in the USA alone. Steels are one of the most widely used metals in production and manufacturing, utilities, transportation, defense, and infrastructure; however,

In recent days image processing people apply image processing to many problems for effective reasons. So, this paper describes the work on defect identification of products which are manufactured in industries using image processing as backbone. In the existing methods,

DOWSIL™ TC-6015 Thermal Encapsulant is preferred 1.5 W/mK Thermal Conductive Encapsulant for Energy Storage Systems (ESS), Inverters, High-power units, etc. 1.5W/mK encapsulant is suitable for use in advanced applications including inverters, power modules, power supply, and electric vehicles (EV). TC-6015 offers breakthrough combination of low viscosity,

Drive module combining in one reducer and motor, which is not driven not by a rotating magnetic field, but the forces of magnetic attraction and repulsion generated between the current in coils and permanent magnets. The design is shown in the attached figures, where fig.

Coatings with a pseudo-alloy structure are a separate type of composite coatings. They consist of materials that do not form solid solutions and compounds in the liquid and solid states (differing in melting temperatures and not fusing with each other).

Electrically powered zipper slider with a locking mechanism activated by Bluetooth. If the power is zero or there is an emergency the lock can be opened with a combination code. This zipper design can be used on luggage bags,

The EXtreme Transmission Ratio Efficient MEchanism (EX.T.R.E.ME.) is a simple planetary mechanism with a pair of standard module gears and a pair of gears with involute profile but non-standard module.

In this way, having only ONE moving part between its input and its output (only THREE moving parts,

FlowIO is the world’s first fully integrated, miniature pneumatic development platform for actuation, sensing, and control of soft robotics and programmable materials. FlowIO was developed at MIT and deployed globally to democratize programmable matter; to make prototyping, innovation, and research with soft robotics incredibly quick and easy;

High Impact Crisis Unit’s mission is to act in harmony with first responders, meeting the needs of the world’s humanitarian housing crisis. HICU is offering a continuity plan and safe haven for those in need within a distressed community.

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