Entrant Profile

Alvin Orbaek White

Location: Swansea, South Wales United Kingdom

Company: TrimTabs Ltd

Profession: Scientist

Inspired by: In my office, and at the forefront of my thinking is a picture of "Earth Rising" that was taken from the Apollo orbiter when looking back to earth. From that vantage point looking at our planet, it is obvious that nothing is actually thrown away; my vision is to develop technologies that turn waste into wealth. I want to bring to light technologies that can create value in waste from a fiscal, financial and environmental perspective The TrimTabs name comes from the philosophy of making small changes that have a large impact and this aligns with the vision of having made a small change in the mindset of people by showing them a financially lucrative pathway that is technologically sound for which they can make a lot of money from; while doing something beneficial for the environment too.