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The use of PPE has increased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic, with an estimated 6.8 billion (approximately 206,470 tonnes) disposable face masks, as an example, being used each day globally. The demand is expected to increase at a compounded annual rate of 10.6%-11.2% until 2027 at least.

A zero counter Magneto-Motive-Force (MMF) Drag Advance Alternator Technology is a new discovery and solution in the electricity power generating system. The new machine is designed to solve the lingering problems facing all conventional alternators in the market, especially low energy efficiency and electrical load capacity limit,

This is an update on the 2021 entry having the following features:

1) Sliding surface A of incline plane has part a1, a2, a3, a4, a5 with series of v shaped tracts as in figure 1. Support for incline plane (SIP) from 35°inclination onwards tends to be lifted more

The problem:
We're not only solving for the current abysmal tractor-trailer 6.5 mpg mileage [$48,000 annual fuel expenditure per tractor using 2020 prices] but also enabling low cost, long distance transport, including cross country and high elevation routes, that are now impossible for e-trucks to traverse.

Air strippers are used for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC), gasoline range organics (GRO) and chlorinated organic compounds from water. The process involves high air to water contact by forcing air through contaminated process water,

Hurricanes and floods are very hazardous public health impacts on grain and vegetable crops, as well as food manufacturing facilities, food warehouses, and food transporters. Specifically, crops may be affected in a variety of ways. They may be submerged in flood water, exposed to contaminants, or susceptible to mold.

Problem statement
A study published in the journal Biological Conservation found that U.S. turbines kill 234,000 birds per year on average, while a newer study, published in Energy Science, found that about 150,000 birds are affected by wind turbines in the U.S. per year.

The main societies that are affected the most from water shortage are the rural areas. Supplying water to rural areas especially for developing countries is a very challenging task because the limitation is the cost affordability for construction, repair and running expenses.

The DZAD cycle has won several global awards due to the disruptive nature of the technologies for the sector. Anaerobic Digestion is known to be amongst the best methodologies for treating solid waste. It also enables generation of energy and fertilizer (slurry).

Air pollution has become one of the biggest environmental health risks in the world.

Air quality has a direct impact not only on the well-being of a person, but also on life expectancy. The World Health Organization's Health Bulletin states that 3.8 million premature deaths, including stroke,

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