Entrant Profile

Maria Konstantinou

Location: Nicosia, Nicosia District Cyprus

Company: University of Cyprus

Profession: Student

Inspired by: Space research is a promising prospect for filling knowledge gaps about natural laws and resource availability that could support the systems we have built and rely on for our daily lives and development on Earth. To make the most of the opportunity presented to us as access to space is increasingly sought after, we must unquestionably develop construction and infrastructure that facilitates humans in this extreme environment. Construction should ideally be carried out using remotely controlled and mostly automated technologies. I am referring to robots that can map their surroundings and house the mechanical infrastructure needed to carry out in-situ manufacturing procedures for building materials. They should be guided by appropriate sensors, the live data from which is fed into a version of the aforementioned ''locator software'' for trajectory optimization; this ensures independence and automation, facilitating human security in space.