Entrant Profile

Bingquan Li

Location: Collegeville, Pennsylvania United States

Company: Dow Chemical

Profession: Scientist

Inspired by: Each year, over 7,000 pedestrians and bicyclists are killed, and more than 140,000 are injured on American streets. Vision Zero, a strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, has proven to be successful across Europe. In the US, it’s gaining momentum in major cities, with 52 communities having committed to Vision Zero.

As early as in 2000, FHWA approved a series of experiments on colored pavement for bike lanes at a variety of US cities and concluded that the experimental green colored pavement was satisfactorily successful. Unfortunately, 20 years after FHWA’s experiments, we still have not seen the wide adoption of green bike lanes, except some green boxes at intersections or crosswalks, largely due to the unbearably high installation cost of durable products.

DURATRACK product has changed the landscape of the technologies for durable green bike lanes. It enables municipalities to complete a high-quality bike lane network within an economical budget. We hope DURATRACK technology can help cities to speed up to reach the goal of Vision Zero.