Entrant Profile

Ali Shtarbanov

Location: Easton, Pennsylvania United States

Company: MIT Media Lab

Profession: Student

Inspired by: What brings me the most fulfillment is enabling individuals to realize their creative project ideas. While talent is everywhere, opportunity is not! Only a tiny fraction of the world has the opportunity to pursue their creative ideas, because of barriers such as financial, educational, technological, and most importantly - time. Consider for a moment the talent that gets wasted because of these barriers. How much more advanced would we be today as a society in terms of science, technology, and medicine if we weren’t wasting so much talent?
That is why my overarching mission is to make innovation and prototyping in emerging fields
(a) faster & (b) more accessible...through the (1) design and (2) deployment of new tools and development platforms that are highly versatile, general-purpose, and simple to use.

2022 Entries

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07/02 FlowIO Platform Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation 3121 0