Entrant Profile

Max James

Location: Tallahassee, Florida United States

Company: Lionheart Biotechnology

Profession: Student

Inspired by: I'm inspired by my father, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer when I was in high school. Although he was eventually cured of the disease, it was only after several long months of chemotherapy, surgeries, and physical therapy. It was incredibly tough on my father, as well as my whole family. This left me wondering if there were any possible treatment modalities that would have sped up the treatment process, or made it less painful. Today, my team is developing methods to find better, more gentle treatments for diseases such as cancer, which takes millions of lives each year, and impacts countless more.

2022 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
07/06 Lionheart Biotechnology - Miniaturizing the Test Tube Medical 1244 6