The home-use diagnostic pad enables women to specifically and personally follow their own feminine discharges for changes and progressions in physiologic conditions. The pad constitutes an AI-empowered early detection platform for at-home monitoring of cancerous biomarkers detection in feminine discharges.

Over the last few decades, cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death worldwide. It is the unpredictability and random time of the occurrence that makes the disease more dangerous. The mortality rate can be reduced by continuous supervision of clinicians and early detection of cardiac diseases. Unfortunately,

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Linshom (“to breathe”) is first to deliver continuous predictive respiratory monitoring to the patient bedside and home. We eliminate the morbidity, mortality and cost due to unrecognized respiratory compromise in healthcare with the first PREDICTIVE respiratory device vs. the current RESPONSIVE systems used today.

Creative Caring is an exchange platform to match medical researchers needs for underfunded and orphan diseases with companies and organizations with untapped resources to achieve key breakthroughs and medical moonshots.

Creative Caring serves as an intermediary organization that connects medical researchers to the equipment,

DrLUX is a hand-held, portable, wound healing device that uses wavelength-specific light-emitting-diodes (LEDs) to accelerate the healing process. Pioneering work conducted by Medical College of Wisconsin shows that bio-stimulation can increase DNA synthesis in fibroblasts and muscles cells,

This product, EnSafe Cup, is based on the simple concept that since women have menstruation for approximately 65 days in a year and during those days women have to use some product to catch and collect the period fluid.

One woman with Obstetric Fistula (ObF) said ‘Cure my leaking fistula first. If I am blind, people will sit with me and talk to me, but no-one will come near me because I’m wet and I smell..

Dehydration is a significant problem with 75% of Americans being dehydrated daily. If misdiagnosed and left untreated, dehydration can quickly have negative effects on physical and cognitive performance, as well as intensify chronic diseases. Treatments for dehydration may cost up to 5 billion dollars annually.

MortalityGram - A population control scheme

Global population crossing the 7.7 B mark is a distressing and debilitating predicament. Many of the societal woes are intricately connected to the uncontrolled population growth. A global pandemic, military tensions, climate change to name a few. Of all these,

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