Entrant Profile

Duncan Meyers

Location: Gresham, Oregon United States

Company: Cycle 6 Technology llc

Profession: Business Owner, Designer, Engineer, Scientist, Jack-of-all-Trades

Number of times previously entering contest: never

Favorite design and analysis tools: My favorite design tools include AutoCAD and Solidworks. I haven't used any analysis tools, but would love to get my hands on Comsol's Structural Mechanics Module.

Hobbies and activities: Working to reduce materials from the waste stream

Online communities: Facebook, Twitter, NASA Tech Briefs, NASA NCAS,

Inspired by: I was originaly inspired to develop a secondary use for waste expanded polystyrene packaging material when I worked as a truck driver for a local tv and appliance store. I saw firsthand 40 yard dumpsters full being trucked off, when I asked the driver where it went to, he replied and said he dumped into a local landfill.
With that knowledge I decided it was high time someone found a use for this material besides landfills; I decided to be that someone. And it was in that moment that my future changed, my mind was set on a goal.
That is what inspired me to develop and design this amazing new material.

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