Entrant Profile

Ahmad Jasim

Location: Hawali, Hawali Kuwait

Company: Kuwait Pipe Industries

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Number of times previously entering contest: never

Favorite design and analysis tools: ANSYS
AUTODESK inventer
excel spreadsheet calculations

Hobbies and activities: Scientific Reading, Writing, Painting , CFD

Inspired by: The important of Target Rock Vacuum Relief Valve which is used in the storage tank of cooling system of Nuclear power plant emergency cooling systems, refineries and fire fighting systems. The essential purpose of cooling for the reactor core in case of failure of normal cooling systems. The failure is a loss of coolant accident in which a pipe rupture causes a breech of the primary containment system. The function of emergency cooling systems is to provide as high a flow rate and volume of water as possible to the core to prevent fuel element damage. After detailed study of paper ((Coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation of the Opening of the Target Rock Vacuum Relief Valve)) and the redesign done by (Alton J. Reich and Alex DiMeo); I found their results can be improved more (wake and circulation growth reductions) by apply shape design which I verified using ANSYS / Fluid flow simulation. So my modified design will serve machinery and equipment and in safety and security.

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