Machinery & Equipment

It can be applied to the entire range of acceleration voltages. The main characteristic of the new gun is that the control and stabilization of the welding current is obtained by connecting the controlling electrode to a positive potential with reference to the cathode.


Now a turbofan jet engine is produced with compressor fan blades which are rigidly fitted to a single row on the front flange of the fan shaft. The best turbofan engine today make of 40% potential energy stored in the fuel.

I have developed a shell for androids and humanoid robots that includes working representations of most joints, and is easy to work with. In the present configuration, it is made from aluminum for ease of reconfiguring and to keep it light weight.

This device comprises: an operating support for repair, provided with mounting means in said intermediate tubular sector, centering means of said operating support for repair, in relation to said tubular end, and repair devices and/or accessories which are prepared for its detachable mounting in said repair operating support.

Screw gun and torque meter are two different tools used for tightening screws and to measure the torque by which the screws are tightened.

Automatic tarping system was developed for the following reasons:

Confort of dump driver
Saving Time
Saving Fuel
Eliminate the risk factor
Make it automatic

The confort was increased because the dump's driver doesn't need to out of cabin to put the tarping sytem.

Presented is an Autonomous Robotic Vehicle (ARV) that will perform transmission line inspections on municipal transmission lines without human intervention. The intent is to develop a system that will reduce the cost of current inspection methods while also increasing the frequency of these inspections.

Pomegranate is a fruit that grows in temperate climate. Its juice is high in nutrients and anti-oxidants. It typical size varies from an apple to a small grapefruit (3-5 inches in diameter) with the cross section resembling a rounded hexagonal shape, and has thick reddish skin.

The presented construction of box-type extractor is a new word in extraction process.

This unit is dedicated to extract soluble components from oil-bearing vegetative raw materials.

Multi-step counter-flow process without longitudinal mixing is realized. This ensures high process efficiency.

Intro Background

Highly coupled rigidly fixed wind turbines in the wind energy market have and continue to exhibit field reliability concerns, short of their 20 year typical life expectancy.

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