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It can be applied to the entire range of acceleration voltages. The main characteristic of the new gun is that the control and stabilization of the welding current is obtained by connecting the controlling electrode to a positive potential with reference to the cathode. The acceleration electrodes structure additionally comprises, in comparison to the triode gun, a supplementary electrode, placed between the controlling electrode and the anode and connected to same potential as the cathode. Thus, in case a discharge is triggered, the welding current will tend to decrease and not to increase, hence eliminating the possibility of damaging the welded parts, despite the use of very sophisticated and expensive means of active protection at the high voltage power ...


Now a turbofan jet engine is produced with compressor fan blades which are rigidly fitted to a single row on the front flange of the fan shaft. The best turbofan engine today make of 40% potential energy stored in the fuel.

It is known the research and development efforts, mainly focused on the next generation of turbofan engines, for decrease fuel consumption.

The operating characteristics of turbofan engine can be improved by adopting a new constructive solution presented in the figure. Best performances are obtained by changing the blade angle of secondary air flow in relation to maintaining constant r.p.m. speed, without  affecting primary air flow characteristics. Changing the ...

Disclosed is an indigenous LPG gas burner with improved combustion and higher thermal efficiency and reduced emissions. Further the burner is designed to have a co-axially placed second venturi tube inside of the main venturi tube which is pulled up during slow cooking and thus less cross sectional area of the inner venturi tube creates comparatively higher rate of pressure drop inside of the tube for which sufficient air is available for blue flame combustion.

The burner design enhances high velocity pre-flame mixture from the mixing tube into the burner barrel tangentially at about 30 degree inclination with the barrel horizontal axis so that perfect homogeneous mixing can be achieved due to the swirling motion of the pre-flame mixture ...

I have developed a shell for androids and humanoid robots that includes working representations of most joints, and is easy to work with. In the present configuration, it is made from aluminum for ease of reconfiguring and to keep it light weight.

The idea behind this project is to give robot designers, educators, and the hobbiest access to an "off the shelf" frame for their creations. By having this option, a user will require fewer tools, take a shorter time for development, and they won't have to "reinvent the wheel."

So far, there isn't another standard chassis for life size humanoid robots or androids on the market, so this would create the supply to a demand that can only ...

This device comprises: an operating support for repair, provided with mounting means in said intermediate tubular sector, centering means of said operating support for repair, in relation to said tubular end, and repair devices and/or accessories which are prepared for its detachable mounting in said repair operating support. The device may be mounted in a mobile unit which comprises a transport, on which structure the repair means are placed. The method comprises the steps of removing the wheel hub, mounting an operating support in the tubular end to be repaired, mounting a centering gage and measuring and centering the operating support, removing, in the end, the centering gage, mounting on the operating support, a cutting device, and cutting the ...

Screw gun and torque meter are two different tools used for tightening screws and to measure the torque by which the screws are tightened. There are some places where the screw has to be tightened at a particular torque and beyond that it may wear the screw or even shear stress may damage the equipment. As an example: a screw has tightened at 85 N-M and it has to be checked with an torque meter if accidentally the meter has set for 70 N-M and the screw is checked. It shows as tightened so we got a delay of 10 N-M which may lead to wear of the screw and rupture of machinery. To avoid this we are designing ...

Automatic tarping system was developed for the following reasons:

Confort of dump driver
Saving Time
Saving Fuel
Eliminate the risk factor
Make it automatic

The confort was increased because the dump's driver doesn't need to out of cabin to put the tarping sytem.

Saving time because the dump's driver need more time to get out of the truck, put the tarping and then go to the cabin to drive the truck, around 1 minute for every trip.

Saving Fuel because when the dump's driver get out of the cabine and put the tarping system let the truck ignite, so there is a waste of fuel.

Eliminate the risk factor because the dump's driver raise to the dump and there is ...

Presented is an Autonomous Robotic Vehicle (ARV) that will perform transmission line inspections on municipal transmission lines without human intervention. The intent is to develop a system that will reduce the cost of current inspection methods while also increasing the frequency of these inspections. We expect that increasing the frequency of inspections will reduce the number of power outages.

During these week-long inspections, humans walk the length of the lines to assess the following visually: loose guy wires, chipped insulators, woodpecker damage, cracks on the top of the poles, missing or damaged ground wires and proximity of surrounding vegetation. The effectiveness of these tasks can be flawed due to the height differentiation between the inspection point and ...

Pomegranate is a fruit that grows in temperate climate. Its juice is high in nutrients and anti-oxidants. It typical size varies from an apple to a small grapefruit (3-5 inches in diameter) with the cross section resembling a rounded hexagonal shape, and has thick reddish skin. Unlike most other fruits, it edible content are packed in a large number of “seed” or arils (200 to about 1500), each of which has a surrounding juice-laden pulp—called aril—ranging in color from white to deep red or purple. The seeds are tightly packed in pockets of light yellow colored membranes that divide the interior of the fruit into several segments.

However, pomegranate is unattractive as a table-fruit due to the ...

The presented construction of box-type extractor is a new word in extraction process.

This unit is dedicated to extract soluble components from oil-bearing vegetative raw materials.

Multi-step counter-flow process without longitudinal mixing is realized. This ensures high process efficiency.

Equipment is very compact in foot-print layout and leakproof which allows to reduce spillages and ensures high safety requirements.

Also this type of construction is easily scaled for any productivity (e.g. 30 tons/day till 1000 tons/day.

Operation cycle and main principles are shown in the presentation.

For further clarification please contact ...

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