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Tom Mallard

Location: Renton, WA United States

Company: Mallard Design Company

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Favorite design and analysis tools: 0.5mm Pentel FX, 8.5x11 quad notebooks, hand calculator to cad entry.

For managing CAD data Tom's company uses: None

Hobbies and activities: Architecture, bicycles, archeology, aerospace

Online communities: GSA

Inspired by: With a need for zero emission power only few categories of machines can replace Steam Age baseload coal, this commercial unit can flip substations off-grid quickly being a megawatt each and is beyond reproach in proving a modern version and please consider this as a proxy for my 'working prototype' of much smaller machines that require custom ferrite setup and a small assembly line to produce one; http://www.technokontrol.com/en/current-projects/generator.php

My architectual work applies to off-grid, off everything home•farm•ranch & Class-H to 3-story, much savvy applies to aerospace including using algae to purify wastewater, and, as a junior member of a Moon Mission, spacedecentral.com/coral, the principles became a biological machine as a source of H2O, Watermaker-1, intended for Peregrine M-2 having to attain TRL status for that along with a new geometry of pressure vessel.

My need is Earnest Money on IP, no royalties, buyer owns it reserving functional QA as designer, Seattle Patent Group retained for such, author of Patent #7,059,618, a fluid automatic bicycle transmission.

The current motor fits hand power tools, [I became a lead carpenter to be a better architect, did enterprise software, last contracts Xbox Studios], recent work on fireproof tiltup walls layered hemp•mortar & XPS board gives R-40 walls and roof as well.

Heating uses magnets spun around galvy pipe circulating a thermal fluid powered by a magnetic motor in joist runs, no inputs for the life of the system.

This principle was applied to a magnet powered thermal motor for lunar night survival supplying lander heating, no inputs, regulated by thermal expansions.

If UFOs are real, they use magnet motors.

Best regards, tom

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