Entrant Profile

Felipe Palombini

Location: Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul Brazil

Company: UFRGS

Profession: Student

Number of times previously entering contest: never

Favorite design and analysis tools: First, for myself, observing people and thinking what would bring them better prospects for their future.

Second, for my projects: Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk 3ds MAX, CorelDRAW and Adobe Photoshop.

For managing CAD data Felipe's company uses: None

Hobbies and activities: Movies, music and healthcare projects.

Online communities: None.

Inspired by: What inspires me the most is the difficulties and preconception that modern times unleashed in our lives. Ordinary people no longer claims a peaceful and better life for those who don't have an opportunity to reach the same levels, considering in terms of health and affection.

2010 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
06/04 Electromagnetic Belt For Visually Impaired Medical 4713 29