The Problem:

About 2 million people around the world die each year of diseases preventable by widely used vaccines. In Africa and parts of Asia over half of all vaccines that require refrigeration spoil before they can be administered. Millions of lives and billions of dollars are lost due to a lack of refrigeration.


For vaccines to be safely administered in rural parts of Africa and Asia one needs a novel inexpensive, easy to maintain refrigerator that provides World Health Organization and UNICEF compliant “chain-of-cold” storage of vaccines. It should run on free non-polluting solar energy and it should be built in-country.


The Appropriate Technology Collaborative (ATC) worked with engineering students and professors at Michigan State University ...

PURPOSE: The World Health Organization estimates depressive disorder as a serious threat to the health of more than 120 million people worldwide, which affects all ages and both sexes [1]. It is important to notice that we are referring not only to a major neuropsychological depression classified as F32.x and F33.x in ICD-10, but often to mood disorders in general. Tens of billions of dollars are spent each year on treatment of depression and the market has substantial annual growth [2]. Among the variety of available services to defeat depression, the most popular forms of treatment nowadays are antidepressants and recently adopted non-invasive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) [3]. Antidepressant medication may have adverse side effects along with the drug ...

The Base-Model volume is roughly 26-28 cu.ft. and can have a 4-6 Inch riser platform secured to the base supports for a 74.0 inch.
This is the Medical version of my Consumer ECO-Accessible entry and also built to be Fire/Explosion-Resistant to meet the new EPA Codes for Blood Storage in Medical Labs. The Modular concept makes the Fridge a Light-weight unit and its strength makes for a perfect Emergency Rescue unit to be flown into a crisis zone.Tool Free assemble reduces the Out-Of-The-Box time period to get it running,a Cordless design with a Power-bar interface and WiFi/iPhone system for a Field Hospital where a Generator can power the unit. My example of the Robot will be useful when RFID ...

Quit for All Addictions is a device and method that provides relief for those addicted to Nicotine, Drugs, Obesity and sufferers from stress.

The benefit of this product is the natural and safe relief for sufferers of the conditions mentioned above.

The novelty of this product lies in that it is a world first self-help kit that stimulates acupressure points with a 100% safe instrument specially designed for this purpose. It is fast, 100% natural and has a very high success rate.

As a self-help kit at home or anywhere you travel, this method provides the relief when needed most. Centres for assistance to those in need of counseling are being planned for most parts of the World.

The ...

More than 24 million Americans endure the pain of a Root Canal every year. A Root Canal, or Endodontic Therapy, requires a hole to be drilled in the infected tooth to facilitate the removal of infection. To remove infection deep within the canals of the tooth, Dental Professionals employ an Endodontic File.

Careful attention must be paid during the operation of this device to prevent perforation of the canal which can damage nerves contained in the gums and lead to chronic pain for the patient. Endodontic Files rely on a rubber marker to maintain a proper working length to prevent perforation from occurring. However, the marker is free to move during the procedure and often does so.

More than ...

Air Splint with integral inflation pump
Problem: Current emergency medical air splints employ two methods for inflation. These are inflation by blowing through a straw or using an external pump. Both have drawbacks when trying to administer during an emergency situation. Both hands are required to inflate the splint, this process happens in the dark in many cases.
Solution: By making the pump an integral part of the splint. A flat tab that is a “bulb” pump is part of the splint. This pump is similar to those found in athletic shoes that enable the user to inflate the shoe for a snug fit. One hand in all that is required to inflate the splint, by squeezing ...

The main purpose of an intelligent stick for the visually challenged is to identify the obstacles in front of the visually impaired and also to locate the positions of different objects placed in his living room. Moreover, it gives voice based alerts of how to reach a reservation counter in the bus terminus of a city or the way to arrive at the manager’s room in Bank etc. To accomplish these objectives the I-Stick is provided with an Ultrasonic sensor unit, an IR sensor unit and an Electronic Compass unit (E- Compass) interfaced with a PIC microcontroller. The Ultrasonic sensor unit consists of ultrasonic sensors to identify the presence of an obstacle within a range of 30cm to 1m. ...

Assisted Wheelchair for Physically Challenged is designed in Orange Research Labs, Hyderabad. The main motto of this project is to assist the physically challenged people. Here, we designed a wheelchair which can be controlled through the following means:

1) Tilt Sensor
2) GSM Modem
3) Voice Module

The total project was divided into three parts. One is the mechanical structure of the wheelchair, the second one is the electronic structure and the last is programming structure. In the mechanical structure, we designed a simple mechanical chair where it can move through two wheels and a small open wheel in the front. Coming to the electronic structure we designed a sensor module (Tilt) where through head movement we can ...

Drug compliance is a critical issue. If drugs are not administrated exactly as physician's guideline, the effectiveness of drugs is reduced and drug tolerance may occur. As simple as it seems, taking drugs on time can be a challenge.
A wrist watch does a good job on timing, so why not let the watch take care of this problem. The idea is simple. We'll let the watch do what it does best: timing. When it comes to the right moment, it will trigger a small ultrasound device located at the back of a watch. Liquid phase drugs can then penetrate the skin with the aid of ultrasound. Using ultrasound to administrate drugs noninvasively through human skin is not ...

It’s a staggering fact that there are nearly 37 million visually impaired (blind) people across the world. India ranks first in the blind population with more than 15 million people in the country alone.
Currently most blind people rely on other individuals, dogs, and their canes to find their way in buildings. This can be a hassle for both the visually impaired person as well as others.
Since ages, technology has been wisely used to empower lives of thousands. One such novel attempt is “The Autonomous Guiding System” which aims to cater to the navigation needs of the visually challenged in a cost-effective way.

The Autonomous Guiding System allows the visually impaired users to simply speak up (or ...

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