The Problem:

About 2 million people around the world die each year of diseases preventable by widely used vaccines. In Africa and parts of Asia over half of all vaccines that require refrigeration spoil before they can be administered.

PURPOSE: The World Health Organization estimates depressive disorder as a serious threat to the health of more than 120 million people worldwide, which affects all ages and both sexes [1].

The Base-Model volume is roughly 26-28 cu.ft. and can have a 4-6 Inch riser platform secured to the base supports for a 74.0 inch.

Quit for All Addictions is a device and method that provides relief for those addicted to Nicotine, Drugs, Obesity and sufferers from stress.

The benefit of this product is the natural and safe relief for sufferers of the conditions mentioned above.

More than 24 million Americans endure the pain of a Root Canal every year. A Root Canal, or Endodontic Therapy, requires a hole to be drilled in the infected tooth to facilitate the removal of infection. To remove infection deep within the canals of the tooth,

Air Splint with integral inflation pump
Problem: Current emergency medical air splints employ two methods for inflation. These are inflation by blowing through a straw or using an external pump. Both have drawbacks when trying to administer during an emergency situation.

The main purpose of an intelligent stick for the visually challenged is to identify the obstacles in front of the visually impaired and also to locate the positions of different objects placed in his living room. Moreover,

Assisted Wheelchair for Physically Challenged is designed in Orange Research Labs, Hyderabad. The main motto of this project is to assist the physically challenged people. Here,

Drug compliance is a critical issue. If drugs are not administrated exactly as physician's guideline, the effectiveness of drugs is reduced and drug tolerance may occur. As simple as it seems, taking drugs on time can be a challenge.
A wrist watch does a good job on timing,

It’s a staggering fact that there are nearly 37 million visually impaired (blind) people across the world. India ranks first in the blind population with more than 15 million people in the country alone.
Currently most blind people rely on other individuals, dogs,

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