Entrant Profile

Ross Garside

Location: Sunbury, Pennsylvania United States

Company: Nearth Company

Profession: IT Consultant, E-M Patent Holder

Number of times previously entering contest: 1

Favorite design and analysis tools: Excel, Cube-based Databases, Solidworks

Hobbies and activities: Uplifting things, Sci/Tech, Meals on Wheels Treas.

Online communities: www.rfcx.org , www.progrock.com

Inspired by: I have visited both Cumberland Gap and Boonesboro, KY.
Daniel Boone blazed the first wagon transport trail across the Appalachians, opening up the West.
He did it by clearing hundreds of thousands of trees and stumps, bridging creeks, finding or creating level ground for his road, and determining safe river crossings.
He did it all wrong, and his pattern is repeated wrongly throughout the globe.
He should have found my way to go OVER all of that, to avoid the nature destruction now threatening the existence of life on Earth today.
We need to let nature go back to how Boone found it, and build transport my way now, to hopefully save the Earth in time.
That is my priority inspiration, among many others that can use my Patented method.