We know a number of known flaws in traditional engines:
1. Inefficient combination of pressure within the cylinder and tangential force on the crankshaft. Two points need to be looked at closely when the crankshaft rotates 180 degrees:
a) The pressure changes from a maximum to a minimum value;
b) The lever size on the crankshaft changes from 0 to 1 and from 1 to 0.
2. The unburned fuel is burned up in the catalytic converter. Its dense honeycomb takes away a part of the engine power.
3. The shortness of the burned mixture’s exhaust time has a significant effect on fuel efficiency as it leads to the mixing of a fresh portion of the fuel-air ...

Ground Based Transport chokes the atmosphere & heat-kills Earth’s life, by trillions of cuts and billions of exhausts.

Earth’s limited fossil fuel drives this Vicious-Cycle-System which, once exhausted, leaves no good way to Transport goods or people.

My heavy-payload pole-supported system ‘Transports’ humanity into a nature-friendly Virtuous-Cycle Paradigm. Track-top Solar powers my globally approved patent (US9320941B2) . Toroidal Wheel Drive (TWD), with prototypes proving the concept (see video).

… design enhances biodiversity & human lives, using a novel solar-green-free-energy Transportation system.
… strong traction creates energy-efficient autonomous heavy payload transit, at any XYZ angle. Energy to charge 120 cellphones lifts a 182 kg load to 68M. Not anti-gravity, but close.
… level-loads Peak-Energy demand, therefore likely the most ...

Inefficient capture, storage, and use of a vehicle’s kinetic energy (KE).

Specific issues include:
Vehicles that experience frequent stop-and-start conditions have massive kinetic energy losses.
Batteries can supply current (discharge) at a far higher rate than they can absorb current (recharge).
When a vehicle stops, its traction motor cannot function as a dynamo.
For a given velocity, light vehicles have less kinetic energy than heavy vehicles.

1. Vehicle's KE is captured and stored in sandwiched pairs of counter-rotating flywheels ...

This adaptive thermal engine achieve variation of the displacement and/or the compression ratio to assure optimum combustion conditions and provide power to the load adaptation engine, with direct implications on growth power and reduced consumption.

Advantages of new technology refer to a continuously / infinitely Variable Compression Ratio & Variable Displacement mechanism that offers a compression-ratio range from less than 7:1 to more than 20:1 and/or variable displacement in range 0-100%; ensure optimum combustion conditions and adapting to charge power engine, with direct implications on growth power and reduce consumption and the possibility of using different fuels. For variation of compression ratio the decrease of the consumption is 30 – 40 % and for variation of displacement is estimated ...

This is an idea that has been in the back of my mind for some time now, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to bring it to life. This is a device that will darken a small portion of a vehicle windscreen in order to block the sun from the drivers eyes. This works by installing a thin film of photochromic material on the inside of the windscreen, and an emitter in (or on) the dash of the vehicle. The emitter works by shining a low power ultra violet light onto two, independent axis controlled mirrors that redirect the UV light onto a specific position on the windshield. The photocromic material darkens with the presence of UV light, ...

An ambulance is a vehicle which can transport medical patients to treatment and in some instances will also provide out-of-hospital medical care to the patient. Ambulances are used to respond to medical emergencies by the emergency medical services.

For this purpose, they are generally equipped with flashing warning lights and sirens. They can rapidly transport paramedics and other responders to the scene, carry equipment for administering emergency care and transport patients to hospital or other definitive care. Most ambulances use a design based on vans or pick-up trucks. Others take the form of motorcycles, cars, buses, aircraft and boats.

The main problems facing city ambulance is road congestion. If the road is too crowded, the ambulance will be late ...

As long as kinetic energy recovery systems don’t supplant friction braking and discrete gear reduction levels haven’t been replaced with infinitely, or continuously variable transmissions, automobiles, trucks, and buses will continue to rely on reciprocating piston internal combustion engines and/or electric traction motors.

Technology exists for major step improvements in the thermal efficiency of fossil fuel engines. Advances made in micro-turbine power plants have made possible low-cost, high efficiency, and very high power-to-weight ratios. Companies such as Capstone Turbine Corporation, Williams International, and several others are producing these power sources electric power generation, light aviation, and rail and bus applications.

In 1976, Allison developed a gas-turbine 150kW power unit for the U.S. Army Patriot Missile System. The initial evaluation ...

I’m from Egypt at Africa. I have two inventions implemented to develop the night lighting system, patents No, 26771 year 2011 (Extra Spotlights through Xenon, Laser or LED Bulb) and patent No, 29238 year 2014 (A device that provides powerful lighting for all types of vehicles using lights tubes without dazzled) from the Academy of Scientific Research in Cairo Egypt.

Towards reduce the killing of 1.3 million human beings annually in road accidents (3500 daily) death cases occurs daily worldwide also every 6 seconds someone, somewhere in the world is suddenly and tragically killed because of injury, Their total amounts to 5 million deaths annually! (Even if the accident reduction rate is 10% the lives of 350 people will ...

One of the major problems caused by sand storms or wind is the highway problem. Roads are covered by sands on regular basis blocking traffic. The cleanup is time-consuming, require many manual works and not fast enough. The main problem this project solves is the sand problem in highways of UAE. As seen in the figure the main problem is the sand pile up on edges of the highway and small amount of wind can push the sands in the road and the sand pile up and block traffic. This can be avoided using this mechanism. Operators can minimize the amount of sands on the edge of the highway easily and quickly on a regular basis. Since the edge ...

Limited space is the main concern of cars these days. Ordinary cars have 5 passengers and sports cars have 2. so this design proposes the car can carry more passengers without increasing the body. This invention is a vehicle that can be stretched and compressed with one push of a button or the sports car that can transform into a limousine and/or a limousine that can be transformed to a normal/the sport car. This is done using a modified car chassis and frame (1), hydraulic linear actuator (2), modified transmission shaft (3), modified car sit (4) and modified car body (5).

The objective of the invention is building a multipurpose car in terms of space and comfort. Many cars ...

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