Entrant Profile

Vladimir Abramov

Location: Maple Grove, Minnesota United States

Company: TransUNImission, Inc.

Profession: Business Owner/Manager

Number of times previously entering contest: 7

Favorite design and analysis tools: Machine non-accelerating propulsion design as is universal machine tool

Hobbies and activities: I keep my health by fitness club

Online communities: I am independent US inventor

Inspired by: I am MS degree in Mechanical Engineering with 18 years of experience at the huge Shift Gearbox Manufacture in the Russia. In USA, Mr.Carl Benz's practice of using vehicle non-accelerating propulsion inspires me to create state-of-the-art concept of 1,000 said gearbox apparatus designs. They open opportunity to expend this experience to use 779 power-weight ratio is got first world's vehicle (0.75HP motor) with excellent drive safety at 1886 in Germany.