Entrant Profile

Abu Anas Shuvom

Location: Dhaka, Dhaka Bangladesh

Company: Sigmoid Engineering Group

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Inspired by: Recent rapid advancements in the area of machine learning, especially deep learning algorithms have a profound impact on solving various problems with newer approach. Many of the older recognition problems are now possible to solve with larger datasets and reduced data dimensionality . Emerging deep learning algorithms could now outperform human experts in terms of accuracy and reliability. With the power of GPU computing, neural networks could now be trained faster than before. Many of the emerging companies are now working on dedicated neural computing chips specially optimized for deep learning in terms of performance and power consumption. Moreover, with the advancements in deep learning, it is now possible to predict accurate results from entirely different sensor data combination which was previously seemed hard or impossible. All of these hardware and software advancements available in recent time led us to develop and rapidly prototype such complex system with acceptable accuracy.

2016 Entries