Pen technology has matured enough to date with more improved ink-delivery systems to write more comfortably. Yet, no pen on earth can capture the handwritten characters on paper and convert them to digital format.

Capable of encoding massive amounts of data into a package more than 1,000 times smaller than with standard compression, this technology is poised to revolutionize the use of digital terrain maps (DTMs) in restricted environments (e.g., tablets, smart phones, embedded systems).

Developed at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center,

Every hospital's worst bane is multi-drug resistant microbes and especially Staphylococcus Aureus. They claim to have no practical, effective means of eradicating these microbes.

This souped-up system will do it easily. “100% effective” needs to be qualified. All microbes in a given treatment area will be destroyed,

Nowadays, all mobile devices are equipped with a touchscreen. However, most stationary display screens, such as computer monitors, television sets and projector screens are not touchable due to the high cost of touchscreens.

This universal stylus converts all display screens to pen-touchable screens,

I have applied for patent in Canada; the Brushless_Motor_in_Activate_Relax_States (BMiARSs:2706688) at http://brevets-patents.ic.gc.ca/opic-cipo/cpd/eng/patent/2706688/summary.html?type=number_search

It is comprised of two main systems.

This technology is an electronic active material that converts a voltage input to a mechanical force and mechanical displacement output. As compared to prior dielectric elastomer (DE) systems, the material has reduced electrode spacing, which lowers significantly the required operating voltage. In addition,

Information technology has rapidly advanced its development through these recent years. These developments include faster processors to handle bigger data processing from Internet and cloud connections, to application deployments.

My conceptual design APC (Auto Power Cell) can power any electrical and electronic appliances without providing fuel or anything else to it. APC consists in its container - one Cl+ ion block , one Cl- ion block,

The corona-resistant composite material in this proposal would form a coating or film over the electrical and electronic components and related equipment to be protected, having a thickness no greater than 50 microns (about 2 mils). It can withstand at least 20,000 hours of corona discharges,

When we enter and go to registration desk, we are given a Bobby. Each Bobby team has a color as a sign of the team. When we get close to our teammates, it starts to blink slowly like it's breathing.

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