Entrant Profile

Akash Pradeesh

Location: Dubai,uae, Dubai United Arab Emirates

Company: Manipal University Dubai

Profession: Student

Inspired by: A secure safeguard of our online accounts will be the key motive of our idea for this project. Aim of the project will be to compliment the existing online security services that is been currently provided by the major security products, thus our technique could provide a new method of online safeguard measurement, though the complete prevention of cyber threats cannot be warded off.
Its a complete new method were by without accessing any user data by just understanding the usage pattern it will be able to secure our accounts to an extended period. Another key feature that can be achieved from this project is that there will much more human computer relation (as an extent to AI) thereby preventing any excessive usage of protocols such as long passwords, extra hardware needed for biometrics all can be avoided if this programme technique can be integrated as a service.

2017 Entries

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03/08 Behavioral Enhanced Encryption Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT 1667 0