The objective of the system configuration (Fig. 1) is to efficiently transfer nanoscale and molecular networking information between a conventional communication systems.
Rather than access a conventional communication systems, only the data not on the conventional communication systems is accessed from the switch. This helps alleviate bottlenecks and makes data transfer quicker and more ...

Measuring DC voltage is fairly easy, but AC with distorted wave forms can be a challenge. The design team at NK Technologies has developed a sensor to measure AC or DC voltage, or a combination of both, with the ability to produce an accurate output signal to a PLC or panel meter to 5K hertz, up to 1200 volts. UL listed and compliant with CE regulations, this series of products are covered with our five year warranty, manufactured in the US and built to ISO9001:2008 standards.

The compact housing fits on a DIN rail or can be mounted directly on a back ...

Printed circuit boards are expensive and inherently delicate. They are particularly sensitive to water exposure, whether submersion, a splash or even fog. The delicate nature of PCBs challenges electronics manufacturers to find reliable, economical and high-performance materials that minimize or mitigate the damage that compromises safety and operation of electronic devices. Increasingly designers want to build water protection into the design to ensure product performance and reduce device failures. As a result of claims by several leading mobile brands, consumers now are looking for water resistance and protection as a feature of new and improved devices.

Yet we all know unsealed printed circuit boards absorb moisture from the air and can fail. Traditional approaches to protecting critical components of ...

This ultra-compact ADLEPC-1500 really resonates with embedded engineers in a variety of markets. Early interest and design wins include industrial printing, traffic monitoring, cyber security, security scanning and toll road or border camera applications.

Based on the ADLE3800SEC E3800-series Edge-Connect SBC, this compact embedded PC delivers maximum performance in a very small 3.4″ x 3.2″ footprint. It features an Intel E3800-series Atom processor with onboard 4GB DDR3 RAM and integrated Intel HD Graphics engine with support for DirectX 11, Open GL 4.0 and full HD video playback.

The ADLEPC-1500 comes packaged in an industrial-grade chassis with mounting options for a variety of environments. Via its SBC edge-connect architecture, it can easily be extended to larger custom systems with added ...

This is the advanced accident detection system which is a help in case of the accident. In this system we use Arduino, GSM and GPS module. This system works when two cars hit each other. At that time the vibration of the car is used in the signal from and this signal is used and sent to the nearest hospital (ambulance) in the form of the SMS. This SMS is attached with the Google map link. When this SMS is open then the accurate location of the person is shown there in the time of 10 seconds. This system really works and it has a lot of advantages. Due to this system we can save a lot of people's ...

It is said that by 2020 there will be nearly 50 billion Internet of Things devices connected to the Internet. But has anyone thought about how to power all of them? And, even better, how to do so in an environmentally-friendly way?

We are used to seeing, especially in some regions, an enormous number of bridges, streets and building. Every year they are growing in number and in age. Does anyone ever considered the consequence of this? Structural aging and external factor (e.g. earthquakes) can bring bridges and building to catastrophic damage causing dramatic consequences and enormous loss of money and, as news is used to reporting, (unfortunately) many dead. If promptly detected, all of these can be safely avoided.



This type of air conditioner is mainly helpful in medium scale shopping malls and ATM's. Coming to shopping malls where speakers can be used for announcements of offers etc.., and camera is used for security purposes.

Coming to ATM'S
Camera is fixed in a position which exactly detect the human being and his eyes In case any robbery or malfunction of ATM we can get the details of that person by scanning eyes with unique identification number,, for example aadhar in india, by this we can maintain high security and reduce the cost, maintenance and also we can use one object for many purposes

Description 2:
By removing camera we can fix a wifi device for homely purpose which reduces the ...

Animatronics refers to the use of robotic devices to emulate a human or an animal, or bring lifelike characteristics to an otherwise inanimate object.

Unique part of this project is,HC 05 BLUETOOTH MODULE IS EMPLOYED FOR WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF SIGNAL UNLIKE OTHER ANIMATRONIC PROJECTS WHICH USES XBEE MODULE. HC05 is cheaper as compared to that of Xbeee module. This is first time this project is madewhich is based on Bluetooth module and it is not availalbe on internet.
In this project , slave part(3D printed prosthetic hand) replicates the movement of control glove(master part).

PLA(POLY LACTIC ACID) Is used for prining 3Dprinting Hand, it offers reliablity,efficiency moreover it is light in weight as compared to that of ...

In the era of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, large scale associative arrays will provide a new paradigm for creation and implementation of algorithms to better solve searching and pattern matching problems.

The product prototype developed is a content addressable /associative memory computing device.
A) It exceeds the capabilities of currently available content addressable memory / associative memory devices.
1) Variable feature vector / key size.
2) The current prototype set up parameter is for a 128 bit wide feature vector / key
3) The current prototype searchable on board data is 128 bits by 512 megabytes deep.

B) Depending on silicon used for implementation (FPGA, PLD or ASIC) the feature vector / key ...

The performance of electric energy systems is based mainly on their powers chains structures. Indeed, the power chain structure influences the consumed energy, the energy losses and the simplicity the control system reducing the faults causes. In this context, we propose a power chain modeling approach based on asymmetrical control. The vehicle power chain is constituted by a synchronous motor with permanent magnet and axial flux and a DC-AC converter constituted by only three power IGBT transistors (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) and power diodes. This choice is used to increase the gain in production cost and power chain performance. The chosen structure of converter is suitable for variable speed control of electric ...

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