Entrant Profile

Terry Reece

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada United States


Profession: Business Owner/Manager

Number of times previously entering contest: 1

Favorite design and analysis tools: Sci-FI Comics-Novels WEB, and Research and many sources of History & Heritage, Bio-Sciences, Technologies and discoveries channels and Data.

Hobbies and activities: Writing, Reading, Researching and FILMS and Scienc

Online communities: facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram, reverb nat

Inspired by: Although Films and Hollywood have been viewed as Fictional and Entertainment, IT has been my Life's experiences that Many times the Theories and Scientific Ideas and Gadgets do Become Viable Products that help us as our Modern transformations into Technologies become Real products and advances ahead. As a Comics-Novels SCI/FI-FUTURISTIC Writer/Creator; I delve into many thoughts and Ideas of such futuristic type gadgets and betterment for life of mankind.

2018 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
04/05 The ©Fire Brigade Consumer Products 1255 3

2017 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
04/29 ©MAKE-IT, TAKE-IT; The Football Game of LIFE Consumer Products 2854 3