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Trying to test concentration of oil in gas (gasoline) in my handheld leaf blower, I couldn't find any shop in my province who was able to do that.

NASA Langley Research Center has developed a test station capable of in-situ testing of material deposition and layer adhesion in an extrusion additive manufacturing process. The technology addresses the problem of monitoring part quality during the 3D printing process.

Generally bikes are built on the range of human sizes and have only the ability to adjust the distance between the saddle and the crank shaft and - limited, between saddle and handlebars. With increasing age, the human body size changes,

Problem statement:
With the drilling machines used at home or professionally, there is no provision to contain the dust or debris that is generated during the drilling process. Drilling in areas which are occupied (home/offices) creates a real challenge with the dust/debris generated and subsequent cleaning process.

I have a patent for Add a Pocket, It's a pocket you hang on your belt and it's an extra pocket like you have in your pair of pants. I invented it to help carry a concealed weapon.

After life of a person, some people go through psychological issues which affect their health & personality. We can reduce that pain & probably speed up recovery of health by simulating a desirable environment using audio & video.

Do you want to live after life &

In India, over 12,000 farmer suicides are reported per year since 2013 according to the reports submitted by the Government to Supreme Court (News article by Times of India).

Air conditioner - exhaust heat storage in summer (sodium acetate)

Heat retrievement in winter.

basic idea : no air vent for elimination of heat for stand-alone air conditioner appliances but storage of heat in swappable cartridges.

This panel, part of a construction system built from recycled waste materials, can be used in any type of conventional construction as part of the exterior walls. Its dimensions can be variable as needed while its standard size is 1.20 m wide, by 2.4 m high and .

Every year, air pollution causes the premature deaths of between 5.5 million and 7 million people, making it more deadly than HIV, traffic accidents and diabetes combined. The majority of these deaths — about 4 million — are caused by indoor air pollution, primarily in developing countries.

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