Entrant Profile

Leslie Blevins

Location: Lawrence, Kansas United States

Company: Advanced Alternative Energy

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Number of times previously entering contest: 2

Inspired by: Doubling the Worlds Clean Energy, Food and Water Supplies While Keeping Global Warming Under Control
The world must immediately undertake to roughly double its energy and food supplies without diminishing our water resources and doing further harm to the global environment in order to meet the growing demands generated by a growing global population. In short we must increase the production of these critical necessities with all steps necessary to better monitor, manage and mitigate climate change and all its associated risks. In order to do so we must eliminate gaps in our thinking and revamp outdated policies, which threaten our very future in order to resolve all our most pressing problems and challenges.
Therefore we must implement new solutions by developing, testing and deploying innovative atmospheric carbon removal technologies designed to manage global warming in developed and developing countries. Thus we need scalable solutions that can be deployed at farms, homes, businesses and institutions in rural and urban areas and by both private and governmental agencies and institutions and villages, towns, cities, communities, counties, provinces and states.